HMRC Investigations

HMRC Investigations – Clear, No Nonsense Advice

The first few days after receiving a HMRC Investigation letter are the most stressful but also the most important. Usually they will ask for a range of documents and impose tight deadlines, backup by various fines and other sanctions.

HMRC Investigations

The important thing is not to panic and not to send anything without appointing a tax investigation expert however. You will need to act quickly to avoid missing a deadline and creating more problems.

We act on your behalf freeing you up to carry on running your business. From that point on HMRC will deal with us, removing the stress of receiving further letters, demands and threats.

As specialist tax investigation experts we can ensure only the documents HMRC are legally allowed to request are provided and increase your chances of a fair settlement whilst avoiding any criminal investigations

Tax investigators have a reputation for making their own assumptions and not brooking any arguments. Our experience allows us to identify the arguments to challenge them on and how to present a case that overturns incorrect assumptions.

We have experience in dealing with the following HMRC enquiries

Mitigate the costs of an investigation

Beyond the concern of being investigated and the timescales imposed, there can be the further worries around the fees this can cause to you or your business. With this in mind, we have put together a solution in alleviating this unexpected cost by partnering with an insurance firm so that we can provide investigations insurance from as little as £250.

What is an HMRC Investigation?

HMRC’s role is not only to collect taxes but also ensure you have paid the taxes you owe. HMRC can perform these investigations at any point through the year and are charged with the remit of checking your personal and businesses affairs to ensure they are in order.

When would I know if HMRC is investigating me or my company?

HMRC can perform an investigation without the need to notify you using information they already have available for review. This can include information in the public domain such as news reports, websites, social media, companies house and land registry as well as the tax records you have submitted.

If they find the information they have available contains discrepancies they cannot quantify, they will seek formal process. At this point the HMRC will contact you for any additional information that they deem is required.

How long does an HMRC Investigation take?

An investigation will continue until the HMRC are satisfied with the evidence they have been provided. This could be months or years.

While the investigation as a whole may not have a set length, what should be noted is that when HMRC formally contact you, they typically set a deadline for reply at 30 days.

What can trigger a HMRC investigation?

The HMRC may need to look further into your financial records if following internal review they feel questions need to be raised relating to tax records your company has filed.

To minimise the chances of this occurring it is advisable to have an accountant review and advice on your tax returns before you submit them to the HMRC each year.